Professional Certification for Electricians

Because of the frequent and avoidable accidents resulting from inadequate electrical installations made by unqualified ‘electricians’, and recognising the lack of certified professionals in Bali, the Naga Loka Foundation undertook to contribute to improving the qualification of electricians in North Bali. In 2010, a partnership was established with Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negri No 3 (SMKN3), a reputable Government Vocational Training School in Singaraja. Among other courses it offers the official 3-year curriculum programme for electrician vocational studies.

In cooperation with the Association of Indonesian Professional Electricians (APEI) and the Association of Indonesian Electrical Contractors (AKLI), SMKN3 with the support of Naga Loka Foundation delivers a specific training programme for electricians addressing all aspects of electrical installation, followed by a formal examination and test for the granting of a proficiency certificate in electrical installation. This is recognised throughout Indonesia. The holders of this proficiency certificate are in high demand in both the public and private sectors, especially in the hospitality industry.

A budget of IDR 1,113,100 (±USD 100,000) was granted by a Swiss family foundation for the period 2010 – 2014, covering the costs of overhauling the classrooms and workshops at SMKN3, the procurement of tools and equipment, human resource development for 12 SMKN3 electrical instructors, as well as scholarships and subsidies to more than 150 electricians, who are now working as certified professionals.

Based on the positive experiences gathered, the Swiss donor agreed to release the residual balance from the previous training programme (around IDR 300,000,000) for the continuation of this programme beyond 2014, with the objective to train and certify an additional 120 professional electricians up to 2016. SMKN3 confirmed its availability to continue this programme. The Certification Agency is now the Construction Services Development Board (LPKJ).

Pak Nyoman Bagiarta, as Chairman of Naga Loka Foundation, continues to head the Steering Committee. A regular six-month reporting system keeps the donors updated.

Following its mission and vision, the Foundation also finances and supports seminars focusing on ethical values related to the ‘Tri Hita Karana’ philosophical concept of harmony between God, humans and Nature. In 2015 IDR 40,080,000 was allocated for two workshops within SMKN3. These workshops are meant to improve the competence of the teachers to promote ethical values, and also to identify students in distress or under psychological stress.