Our Generous Donors and Supporters

The Naga Loka Foundation is grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their generous support:

water dropletsUNDP: Provided a 22-pillar meeting hall for the Munduk Subak farmers at Puri Lumbung estate.

Victoria University of Australia: Undertook bamboo reforestation along the banks of the Munduk River.

Canadian Embassy: Keker (Green Jungle Fowl – Gallus Varius) breeding program to prevent poaching and provide extra income for locals.

Fondazione Stella Chiara / the Hellstern family, Switzerland: Electrician project SMKN3 Singaraja, Workshops SMKN3 teachers, Water projects, Sanitary facilities at new office block, new kitchen for professional training, Medical Herb and Spice Garden, Children’s Learning Centre, Wildlife Release with Friends of the National Parks.

George Capt: Electrician Project SMKN3 Singaraja: provides benevolent support and expertise regarding the implementation of the development of capacities at the SMKN3 in Singaraja and for all charitable activities between Fondazione Stella Chiara and Yayasan Naga Loka.

Peter Herzog / Hospitality Consulting AG Switzerland: for the coffee farmersCoffee harvest

Chris Delfs: the new kitchen, bakery/hygiene training

Jon Zuercher: longtime Advisor.

Dr. Bayu and team from Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF): Bird Release at Tamblingan and Mt. Batukaru.

Puri Lumbung Munduk: Cultural opportunities for children and locals, environment protection programs at Lake Tamblingan, Mt. Lesong and Munduk and surroundings.