The Projects of Naga Loka Foundation

The Projects of Naga Loka Foundation focus on environmental and educational concerns as well as encouraging Balinese cultural traditions.

Water Conservation

Water is very significant in Bali, not just for agricultural and domestic use but also for sacred reasons. In the Munduk area, religion is deeply entwined with the local water sources. Important ceremonies and rituals in this community start at the headwaters and end at the sea. Pak Nyoman’s concern for the environment around Munduk began in 1992, […]

Hospitality Training

The Kitchen In 2009 a new European-designed and equipped kitchen was built at Puri Lumbung. It serves as a training centre for local workers and students from hotel schools besides producing excellent meals for the restaurant. Cooking classes for guests are also held here.   The Office Block In 2010 a new office building and lobby were constructed […]

Cultural Opportunities for Children

The Children’s Learning Centre In 2015 Naga Loka began to build a library and computer/learning centre for local children at Puri Lumbung.   Cultural Opportunities for Children Since 1992, children from Munduk and surrounding villages in the clove and coffee plantations have received free training in traditional Balinese dance and gamelan. Many have gone on to perform professionally.

Professional Certification for Electricians

Because of the frequent and avoidable accidents resulting from inadequate electrical installations made by unqualified ‘electricians’, and recognising the lack of certified professionals in Bali, the Naga Loka Foundation undertook to contribute to improving the qualification of electricians in North Bali. In 2010, a partnership was established with Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negri No 3 (SMKN3), a reputable Government Vocational Training […]

Economic Development for Coffee Farmers

Coffee drinkers around the world now recognize that Indonesia’s Arabica coffees are among the world’s finest. In 2009 a sample of the area’s ‘white Arabica’ coffee was taken to a coffee merchant in Switzerland, and was included in a blind tasting by professional tasters. The Munduk coffee was rated 9 out of 10 and the merchant asked to stock it, […]

Wildlife Release

Five endangered eagles were released in the Besikalung Wildlife Sanctuary at Batukaru and at the Lake Tamblingan area above Munduk in 2014. The birds were part of an ongoing program to rehabilitate and release birds by the Friends of the National Parks Foundation.

Early Projects

Early projects included reforesting a riverbank to protect it from erosion, and a study of the Green Jungle Fowl (Gallus Varius).